Allergen Science & Consulting – What We Offer




Once you contact us, we will analyze your request and needs. Subsequently we will provide you with a formal protocol describing one or more solutions to assist you in accomplishing your goals. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

aerobiology surveysConsulting Services:


  • Design and implementation of aerobiology surveys - consistent data
    • Support to pharmaceutical companies conducting clinical trials
    • Support to allergists/immunologists to promote their practices
  • Design and implementation of allergen investigation and allergen avoidance protocols
    • Support to complete indoor air quality inspections

Manufacture of Allergenic Extracts:

  • Review and design of protocols to obtain and evaluate the identity and purity of allergenic raw materials used to manufacture allergenic extracts
  • Design of media without animal components to grow mites for pharmaceutical use
  • Design and review of protocols to prepare allergenic extracts for diagnosis and treatment
  • Design and review of laboratory assays to measure allergens and antigens
    • Regulatory compliance

Clinical Allergy and Immunology Laboratory:

  • Review and design of Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs)
    • Regulatory compliance
  • Review of laboratory services and technology
    • Support to expand service offers

Product Development:

  • General proof of concept evaluations
    • Input from product design to feasibility evaluations
  • Research 
    •  Input to test procedures/products in the laboratory and in the field
  • Design and implementation of protocols to test the safety and efficacy of products and procedures for allergen avoidance
    • Input from product design to the market

pollen purityAnalytical Services:


We have an in-house microscopy laboratory, equipped with modern stereo and optical microscopes with photo documentation capacities, where we perform the following types of analyses:

  • Identity and purity of allergenic raw materials (including pollen, fungi, insects,  dust mites, and epithelia)
      • Support to allergen manufacturing companies
      • Support to pollen collection entities
      • Support to indoor air quality companies

    We provide reference materials, including microscope slides

  • Aerobiology surveys - airborne pollen and spore counts and identification
    • Support to pharmaceutical companies and allergy practices
    • Support to indoor air quality specialists

All of our laboratory reports include an expert interpretation of the findings, accompanied by photographic documentation.

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Education and Training:

Our training and educational services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Weed walks in the field or virtual in the class room. Please inquire!
  • Aerobiology training, including pollen and fungal spore identification
  • On-line training on environmental allergens
  • Preparation of training manuals
  • Supply of custom photographs and illustrations

Click here to view a list of our currently available Power Point presentations.

Scientific Services:

  • Scientific advisory services
  • Medical communication support
  • Scientific literature reviews and report writing
  • Publication assistance
  • Peer review of protocols, reports, and analytical data associated with indoor air quality inspections
    *We are experts
  • Subject matter expertise and litigation support in the area of indoor biological contaminants, including mold

Allergen Science & Consulting – Our Clients

Our Clients:

Our services are focused on assisting the following types of organizations:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Allergen manufacturing companies
  • Pollen collection organizations
  • Clinical laboratories
  • Medical organizations
  • Research organizations
  • Manufacturers of products for allergen avoidance
  • Indoor air quality professionals